Version Control for the Layperson

Imagine this: You find yourself working on a team of developers, or a team of anything honestly, and you’re having a difficult time keeping everybody’s changes to some files from destroying one another. One person saves a file and it overwrites somebody else’s work – absolute chaos from the sounds of it. If only you had a solution that wouldn’t cost your team more money, and is easy to learn!

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Version Control for Expert Devs

As the world of development and software engineering grows more intense and diverse, we find ourselves at constant odds between our code and somebody else’s. Sure, you can establish a style guide and run daily stand-ups to maximize efficiency. Neither of those principles, despite being critical to a team’s functionality, can solve the problem of conflicting code. Enter version control, your one-stop-shop for keeping everybody on the same page; keeping the teams’ code safe from harm.

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